• Inspired by the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice,
  • The founder of the Christian Brothers,
  • We at Salvation School
  • Are resolved to
  • Make our school a happy place,
  • Where, wholeheartedly we participate
  • In lessons, sharing, friendship, games
  • Not merely to win,
  • But where Excellence is a priority!
  • With a smile on our faces,
  • We battle to overcome difficulties,
  • We learn to say no to things that we know aren't right,
  • We aim to become gentlemen,
  • Who contribute to the betterment of society,
  • With deeds that speak of peace,
  • Contentment, Respect for authority
  • And
  • Love of our country.


Our Lady of Dolours Primary school was started in June, 1940, by Mgr. George Fernandes for the benefit of the underprivileged boys of the Parish. The school got the Recognition of the B.M.C and was registered as Our Lady of Dolours Parish – School Trust. Classes were first held in Mohamed Mansion, Gokhale Rd. South, and later to three rooms on the ground floor of the Ekbal Bldg. The first Head Mistress was Mrs. Ida Lawrence, followed by Ms. Elizabeth Lobo. Fr. George was transferred to Bulsar. Mgr. Vaz took over the school and thus, it became the Parish school. Fr. F.A. Mascarenhas was the Principal, followed by Fr. Theo Pereira and Fr. Frax Pereira. The school had gradually shifted to the church premises - the hall where meetings were held, and later when the nuns shifted (to Prabhadevi) from the building occupied by the convent girls school, all the classes were held in this building (1958). Fr. Frax who was Principal at that time, was to be transferred. He was of the opinion that secondary section of the school was necessary, Mgr. Vaz agreed and the secondary section, Class 5th was started on June 6, 1962.

Mgr. Vaz wanted the Parish to remember that this was a gift from the church - Our Lady of Salvation hence the name - Our Lady of Salvation School which was under the same Trust - Our Lady of Dolours Trust. The first set was sent up for the S.S.C secured 96%. As our school was blessed with dedicated teachers, who gave of their best for the boys. Every year, a Whist Drive (100 tables) was organized to collect funds for books and clothes for the boys. Fr. Michael Paes was Principal, followed by Fr. Goducho and next Fr. Noel Britto, all catholic schools at the time had a qualified B. A., B. Ed. Priest Principal. In September, 1967, Cardinal Gracious invited the Christian Brothers to take charge of the Parish School. That was the beginning of the Christian Brothers in Dadar in October 1967. Bro. E.X. Leonard (Provincial) Bro. F. A. MacPhilemy, Bro. J. A. Keane and Bro. Foley met Mgr. Vaz to do preliminary work for the arrival of the brothers. On March 17th, Bro. Mac Philemy met the staff who wished him a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Bro. Macphilemy and Bro. Curran, who arrived a few days later, lived at St. Michael’s, Mahim, while Bro. Mousley, the third Brother, lived at Don Bosco’s.

In May, the Brothers shifted to the vacant flat in Pinto Villa. Mgr. Vaz had put up a small building across the road near the Cemetery, for the Primary School. It was in a bad shape. Bro. Mac Philemy personally supervised the repairs and the three Brothers shifted and occupied the small rooms on the first and second floor. True to his word, Bro. Curran trained the boys and staged “The Mikado” in October at the Ravindra Natya Mandir to a packed house. This became an annual feature of the school. The operas gave the boys a new lease of life and they began to stand out in society. By now, the strength of the school had increased. At the time the new church was being built, two sheds were put up alongside the church compound wall. Teachers and Boys had to wade through flooded paths and work under leading roofs. Fr. Theodore, now Msgr. Theodore Pereira was the Parish Priest. The original plan was to have the school along Cadell Road, the plot where the catering college now stands plans were drawn up when the Brothers first came, by Gregson Batley and king, but the plot was taken over by the B.M.C and given to the Catering College. The only available plot was the one adjoining the Cemetery where the Primary School was built. Mgr. Theodore went ahead and arranged for the present school building to be built. He arranged for a separate Block in the Building for the Brothers a certified copy of the plans and assessment was submitted to the Department (Tony Lobo & Associates) Blessed Edmund Rice’s charism must have inspired Mgr. George, but for whom, Salvation School would never have existed. The Brothers in the true spirit of their Founder. Make it their priority to work for the poor and downtrodden.

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