About the Christian Brothers

Our Lady of Dolours Primary school was started in June 1940, by Mgr. George Fernandes for the benefit of the underprivileged boys of the Parish. The school got the Recognition of the B.M.C and was registered as Our Lady of Dolours Parish – School Trust. Classes were first held in Mohamed Mansion, Gokhale Road, South and later to three rooms on the ground floor of the Ekbal Building. The first Head Mistress was Mrs. Ida Lawrence, followed by Ms. Elizabeth Lobo. The school had gradually shifted to the church premises - the hall where meetings were held, and later when the nuns shifted to Prabhadevi from the building occupied by the convent girls school, all the classes were held in this building (1958). In September 1967, Cardinal Gracious invited the Christian Brothers to take charge of the Parish School. That was the beginning of the Christian Brothers in Dadar. Bro. E.X. Leonard (Provincial) Bro. F. A. MacPhilemy, Bro. J. A. Keane and Bro. Foley met Mgr. Vaz to do preliminary work for the arrival of the brothers. Bro. Mac Philemy met the staff who wished him a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Bro. Macphilemy and Bro. Curran who arrived a few days later, lived at St. Michael’s, Mahim, while Bro. Mousley, the third Brother, lived at Don Bosco’s.

In 1968 the first community of three Brothers lived in Pinto ville for some months until the building of the new Primary School was complete. The brothers then took up residence in some of the classrooms of the new building. This was to be a temporary arrangement until the new school (Secondary) and residence for the brothers was built. In fact, this did not happen until 1978. The first community consisted of Br. Acquinas McPhilemy, De Britto Curran and Spinola Mousley. The brothers realized from the beginning that the academic work of the school would improve if the boys had a variety of activities in which they could take part. Br. Mousley took charge of the games – football and hockey and Br. Curran taught singing. The boys had a lot of talent in these two areas and enthusiastically took part in whatever could be organized. As the school did not have any ground of its own for games, it was necessary for them to go to Shivaji Park for their football and hockey practice. Teams were entered for the Bombay Schools competitions in which they performed creditably.

In October 1968 Br. Curran produced the Gilbert and Sullivan opera "The Mikado" which was performed in the Ravindra Natya Mandir theatre and was a huge success. No one, and least of all, the boys themselves, had any idea that they were capable of such quality of production and the show boosted their self-image which was so necessary for their performance in other areas of their lives. Mrs. Cissy Mendonca, the Headmistress, who came from a musical background herself, took charge of the costumes for the opera and with her persuasive interpersonal skills involved all the teachers in this work which was mainly done outside of school hours. And so, the opera had the added benefit of building up an esprit de corps among the teachers all of whom felt that the opera was their show. The opera thus became the event of the year at Salvation and parishioners began asking for the availability of tickets long before the date of production. The Mikado was followed by The Pirates of Penzance, The Yeomen of the Guard, The Gondoliers, and again The Mikado. Miss Brigid Carvalho was the pianist for all the operas and her father, an outstanding violinist organized the other members of a professional orchestra. Br. Curran arranged for scores for the various instruments to be sent out from England and the orchestra spent many hours under the guidance of Br. Curran preparing for the big event. All the music and singing was live and Br. Curran would not countenance any deviation from the original score.

Brothers of Our Lady of Salvation High School

Br. Francis Gale

Br. L. Mousley

Br. MacPhilemy

Br. Peter Gomes

Br. Thomas Pinto

Br. Ben Judge

Br. Paul Bala

Br. Wilfred D’Souza

Br. David D’Mello

Br. Bernard White

Br. Jerome Manuel

Br. Jonas Kurkalang

Br. Pat Gaffney

Br. Noel D’Sa

Br. Leonard Lobo

Br. Greg Fernandes

Br. De Britto Curran

Br. John Kene

Br. Joe Ferdinand

Br. Joel Tavares

Br. Leonard Noronha

Br. Richard Beddoe

Br. John Steinmayer

Br. Gerrard Menezes

Br. Jose Joseph

Br. Markham Batthew

Br. Earl Lawrence Miranda

Br. Arthur Rodrigues